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Fair Use Of SMTBOX Website Materials


Can I use your pictures or descriptions on my website?

Can I copy your website pages for my reselling or drop-shipping electronics business?

Please don't copy the whole of any SMTBOX web page or design your web pages to imitate the appearance of SMTBOX.com

Please read the following further notes on copying / use of content from SMTBOX.com :

- You may use product pictures and product descriptions from SMTBOX freely, provided they are used appropriately in the context of your reselling or Affiliate activities.
- Please don't copy or adapt customer testimonials or product reviews.
- Please don't copy or adapt SMTBOX Knowledgebase articles.
- All material on SMTBOX.com is Copyright and we reserve the right to change our policy at a later date.

If you feel you can give us suggestions to improve the product descriptions (an ongoing task as we are always adding new products which start off with no English description at all!), we are always grateful to hear your feedback!

Likewise, we are grateful if you have improved product photographs and are willing to share them (in lower resolution formats) with SMTBOX.

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Request for quotation and Quotes Average quote returned in under 1 work day.  
P.O., Invoice and Packing Slip Average invoice and packing slip returned in under 1 work day.
Shipment Spare Parts delivered on average 3-7 work days after receipt of payment. (Via DHL, UPS, FedEx, and TNT)
We understand the reputation of a business is pretty much the only thing essential to its survival. Our reputation is generally based on two things: the quality of our products and how well we meet deadlines.
We understand the proactivity is acting in advance of a future situation, rather than just reacting. We get started on quotes right away, if we see anything needing clarification, we will contact you immediately.

 We understand the importance of turning the projects in on time. If we fail to deliver your equipment, spare parts or tools when promised, the heat is on you and your decision to use SMTBOX. Orders are started as soon as the payment credited confirmed by financial department. After quality department authorized and released, the shipment will be arranged as soon as possible.
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