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Nozzle Cleaning Machine With CE mark from SMTBOX Inc.


Nozzle Cleaning Machine
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Nozzle Cleaning Machines


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Product NameNozzle Cleaning Machine  ( Click here to download User's Manual )
ModelHENC-12 / HENC-24
CompatibilityPremium Quality Nozzle cleaning machine for Assembleon/Phillips, Fuji, Hitachi, I-PULSE, JUKI, Panasonic/KME, Samsung, Sanyo, SIEMENS/SIPLACE, Universal and Yamaha pick and place machine
Main technical parameters
Size: (L*W*H):
 Air source pressure:
 Total power:
 Controlling mode:
 Air source:
 Jet pressure:
 Air wastage:
 Liquid type:
 Liquid consumption:
 Liquid storage capacity:
 Admission pipe/Drainpipe:
 Specification of nozzle tray:
 Specification of cleaning nozzle:
     84~240VAC 50/60Hz 10A Power supply 250W
     0.5 - 0.6MPa (Normal operation time)
     Approx. 70KG
     Touch screen+PLC
     Pure compressed air
     0.38 - 0.4 MPa
     Under 280NL/min
     Industrial purified water
     ¢12 / ¢10
     Default 12 nozzles or 24 nozzles
     CE Mark 
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An SMT component is usually smaller than its through-hole counterpart because it has either smaller leads or no leads at all.
It may have short pins or leads of various styles, flat contacts, a matrix of solder balls (BGAs), or terminations on the body of the component.
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